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The Book of Ezekiel

The link below will take you to a reading guide for this series, which is extended for an additional week. Please read along with our Calvary family, and share with friends who might enjoy reading with you.

Online Worship - What to Expect

Here's what you can look for as we gather online:

Something familiar - We'll be intentional about incorporating familiar pieces of our Sunday worship.

Encouragement from God's word and God’s people - Pastor Matt and other members of our Calvary family will be present to share from God's word.

Family connections - There will be opportunities to interact in small ways. This will help us experience the presence of brothers and sisters in our worship time.

Our online worship this week will take place in two parts. First, we will have a livestream shared on Facebook (you do not need to have a Facebook account to view). This will offer our community, friends and neighbors an easy-to-access and easy-to-share devotional time centered on God's word.

Immediately following, we will gather as community on Zoom where we will be able to interact and join in conversation. We will discuss the message, pray for one another's requests, and enjoy the community side of worship in this online setting.

In order to participate with everything online, it’s recommended that you print a copy of the service ahead of time, and install Zoom on your computer or other device prior to worship. The service for this week is posted at the link below. It includes spoken parts, prayers and an outline for you to follow.

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K.A.M.P Calvary

K.A.M.P. Calvary

K.A.M.P. Calvary is brand new from your neighbors at Calvary Lutheran Church.
We know this summer is going to feel different.
Your kids need something to do apart from more screen time.
Sign up now for K.A.M.P. Calvary!
Your child will receive 5 packets filled with fun at-home activities
designed for faith conversations.
Ages 3 yr through 4th grade - Starts June 29...

Bible Studies

Recently Completed Bible Studies:

Upcoming Bible Studies:

  • Women’s Bible study - I haven’t heard the topic yet. We had a group of ladies who studied Esther in late spring. My wife led, and she intends to lead a new study soon.
  • The Alpha Course - We commonly refer to this as an introduction to the Christian faith for non-Christians. For church members, this is a great place to be reminded of the central truths of our faith and begin to learn language which communicates to people who are less familiar with what we believe. It’s also a great place to bring a friend. Each night includes a video and small group discussion. We ran our first Alpha course at Calvary last spring, but it was interrupted by Covid-19. The new course will be entirely online.
  • The Marriage Course - This is new for Calvary. This is a great opportunity for couples to strengthen their relationship. While the course content has Christian foundations the course is open to couples regardless of their faith background, whether they are married or co-habitating. Couples watch videos together and discuss content with one another over a series of 7 sessions. My wife and I are currently working through this course, and it’s been an excellent (and challenging) experience.

Online Giving

Calvary is grateful for our partnership with LINC. They have graciously offered to host an online giving platform for Calvary as we transition to online gatherings and being church while physically distant. One hundred percent of your gift to Calvary will be received by Calvary. LINC has supplied the tools to make online giving available to Calvary, but your gift will route directly to Calvary on this platform.


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