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No Section Meeting in June or July


248th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

August 10-14, 2014 San Francisco, CA

Meet with more than 15,000 chemists, academics, students, and other professionals in San Francisco as we explore this year’s theme: “Chemistry & Global Stewardship”. Poster sessions, social events, and presentations present unparalleled opportunities to network with your peers. Check the ACS website for activities, housing, exhibiting and registration.




Please check the forms for Educational Awards, Lloyd Ryland  Award for Teachers, and the Chemistry Olypiad nominations

June Vortex 2014


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Roughly 25-30% of every dollar generated from sales will go directly to the section to be applied to various outreach programs that the section supports. Information on some of these programs is listed under the program tab on the CALACS website.

If you are interested in supporting programs with a contribution or grant, please contact our office at or (510) 351-9922.


We encourage all Members of the Section to the monthly business meeting (EXCOMM). Join your colleges and fellow members in helping  the Section  meet its stated mission.

Use this site to locate Events like Science Cafe and the programs at the  Women Chemist , Younger Chemists, and many of our other outreach programs  listed under Committees found under the About US  tab .  We always welcome  the help of  our Members.

You can also find information about our Section monthly meetings here or under the Events tab. Also Check the What’s New tab. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.