Calvary Lutheran Church

San Lorenzo, CA 94580 - 510-278-2555

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Ministries at Calvary


Prayer Quilt Ministry

Calvary's Quilting Ministry prepares Prayer Quilts on request. Following service, these are prayed over as the knots are tied, and provided to recipients.


Bible Lessons
and Prayer Gathering

Bible lessons are held following service:
Sunday Classes for Adults:
1st and 2nd Peter are the focus of Dave Mueller’s class meeting each Sunday after worship in the library. These books, written to early Christians facing challenges from their cultural setting, can be encouraging and guiding for us today.
Why Pray? A book by John Devries, will guide conversation and practice among those who come to the sanctuary following worship. Dave Schultz will lead the discussion.
 Wednesday Prayer Gatherings are also held.


Outreach Ministries

LWML - Lutheran Women's Missionary League
Bay Area LINC
SOYL - School of Young Leaders
Educational Support
Missionary Support

Calvary Lutheran Church
17200 Via Magdalena
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

Pastor: Matt Behrens

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(510) 278-2555

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